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Frequently Asked Questions

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Or, check below for answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Why are you called Amour Spreads®?

Amour, a French word, translates to 'love' in English. This journey towards our jam business began on our wedding anniversary, the day we celebrate our love for one another. We love food (especially food that celebrates fresh ingredients)! We love to cook, and appreciate the simplicity of French home-style cooking which focuses on using basic ingredients that are wholesome, fresh and in-season. Finally, since each batch of our artisan hand-crafted preserves is cooked in traditional French copper jam pans using seasonally fresh fruit, it seemed that Amour Spreads® was a good way to express all of those elements.

Do you use organic fruit?

Our desire is to source local fruit first, and use organic ingredients whenever possible. We support small, family farms in Utah from Mt. Pleasant to Bear Lake. The majority of those farms have chosen not to certify organic. We talk with our farmers, discuss farming practices, and wherever possible, visit the orchards and farms that we purchase from to insure that the fruit we are using is sustainably grown. Whenever we purchase fruit that is not grown in Utah, we strive to use certified organic, primarily from small farms in California. On very rare occasions, we use conventionally grown fruit. All of our labeling is true to the source.

Do you use commercial pectin in your jam? Why not?

No, we do not add any commercial pectin to our preserves. Our preserves are very simply and very traditionally made – much like our ancestors may have made them. All fruit has pectin in it, and since our recipes all contain more fruit than sugar, there is rarely a need to add additional processed pectin. Where there is a need to boost pectin levels we will incorporate an additional fruit that will help us achieve the texture and set we desire. For example, a small amount of apple is added to our Chokecherry Jam.

Do you make your jams year round?

We seem to work hard all year, but make each flavor only when the fruit is fresh and in-season. In the late spring, summer and fall, our focus is on jams as Utah grown fruit is in season then. In the winter and spring, our marmalades, which use fresh citrus, are on the stove. During each season, we make as much of a particular flavor as possible while that fresh fruit is available. For some of the fruit we use, that may only be for a few weeks! It is very common for our inventory of a flavor to run out. Once that happens, the flavor is gone until the fruit is available again. So, if you have a favorite, we encourage you to stock your pantry before it's gone for the year.

How long will my jam/marmalade last? What is the best way to store my jam/marmalade?

It is best to store your unopened jar of jam or marmalade in a cool dark place (out of direct sunlight). While our traditional process will keep our spreads preserved for quite some time, we think Amour Spreads® are best if you enjoy them within a year. Once a jar is opened, it should be stored in the refrigerator. If refrigerated, they should keep for several months as long as you don't introduce milk solids (e.g. butter) to the jar. Milk will go bad before your preserves will.

We prefer to bring our jars out of the fridge an hour or so before enjoying them. We feel that when Amour Spreads® are at room temperature, they are similar to many great foods like wine and cheese, all at their fullest in texture and flavor when they've had a chance to "open up."

Why do Amour Spreads® cost as much as they do?

We believe we charge a very fair price for the value of the product we offer. Amour Spreads® are truly an artisan product. It is not manufactured or mass-produced. We have carefully selected the highest quality ingredients available and take exceptional care in hand preparing our preserves in small batches (approximately 20 jars at a time). All of our fruit is sourced locally first and we use certified organic fruit wherever possible. We only use certified organic, fair-trade unrefined cane sugar and certified organic, freshly squeezed lemon juice. You won't find citric acid, commercial pectin, artificial flavorings or colors in our preserves. We feel that the price is consistent with the quality of the ingredients being used and the labor involved to create our preserves.

Besides on toast or an English Muffin, how else can I use Amour Spreads®?

Our jams and marmalades are beautifully delicious complements to your cheese and charcuterie platters. Additionally, think yogurt, salad dressings, glazes and marinades for fish and meats, salads, desserts and even cocktails! We've included a number of great ideas and recipes for you to explore on our Recipes link.

Amour Spreads® are a gift you can feel fabulous about giving! They make lovely hostess gifts, wedding or shower favors, and stocking stuffers. For even more ideas, please visit our Special Orders page.

Are your preserves gluten-free? Are they vegan?

Yes! Our preserves are both vegan and gluten-free. They are, however, currently processed in a commercial kitchen that does handle products that contain gluten. The ingredients for our preserves are simply: fresh, never frozen, fruit, organic unrefined cane sugar and organic, freshly squeezed lemon juice. Some flavors include small amounts of additional fresh, real-food flavors such as rosemary, crystallized ginger, rose geranium, and lavender.

Where can I buy Amour Spreads® in person if I don't want to purchase online?

Amour Spreads® are available at our booth at the Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as with purveyors and restaurants on our Find Amour page. Please check back regularly to see if Amour Spreads® are now available at a retailer near you.

Where can I buy Amour Spreads® online?

Please visit our "Buy Our Products" page.

Are Amour Spreads® available wholesale?

Absolutely! If you'd like to be considered as a wholesale account, please contact John Francis at .

Do you ship internationally?

Indeed we do! However, international shipping is not currently available in the online store. Please contact us directly to place your order and we will make it happen! 

Do you offer custom flavor combinations and labeling?

Yes we do! It is our pleasure to collaborate with you to create custom, unique, and memorable favors for your very special day. Learn more and contact us to create your custom order. 

Are your jars recyclable?

We love our jars! We hope you do too. These beautiful artisan jars have all sorts of possibilities to be re-used after you've enjoyed your Amour Spreads® jam or marmalade. You might choose to store your dried herbs or flowers from your garden in them, or burn votive candles in them, or fill them with bath salts, buttons, or.... However, should you decide not to reuse them, please feel free to return them to us to be reused and not end up in the landfill. If returning them to us is just not possible for you, please take them to your local glass-recycling center.