Spread Love

Spread Love

Enjoy more!

We give back.

We are very committed to being active community members. Over the years, we have developed wonderful relationships with individuals and organizations in supporting a diverse, healthy and thriving community.

We have felt hugely supported in our lives and want to give back. Now.

Each year we partner with 3 local non-profits in an effort to make a difference in our community.

Every time we sell a jar of our jams or marmalades, we give back. Unlike some companies, we don't wait for accountants to figure our profits and percentages, we donate first and worry about spreadsheets later. With every bite of Amour Spreads® you enjoy or share with someone else, we are spreading your love just a little bit further.

We are delighted that during 2015 we contributed over $2,000 to our non-profit Spread Love partners as well as via gifts-in-kind to various organizations throughout our community.

We will announce 2016's recipient's at the end of the calender year.

As it is our desire to spread love as far as we can in our fantastic community, we are currently in the process of determining three new Spread Love partners for 2017.

Please email us and share your suggestions of local charities you'd like us to consider this year.

Previous recipients have included: Equality Utah, Local First Utah, Ronald McDonald House of the Intermountain Area, Slow Food Utah, Utah Food Bank, Utah Pride Center and Wasatch Community Gardens.

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