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Amour Spreads® was born after a chance encounter with an enormous wild thimbleberry patch too compelling to hike past. Ever since we have loved how fresh fruit, pure cane sugar, and a little freshly-squeezed lemon juice almost magically become flavor-filled, jewel-toned jars of jams & marmalades.

After sharing dozens of jars with friends and family, we were encouraged by everyone who tasted our creations to start Amour Spreads™ so we could share these beauties with everyone — with you!

Amour Spreads® is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and all of our delicious spreads are produced right here near Liberty Park — primarily using Utah's amazing mountain-grown fruit. We make our preserves fresh and in season when crops are ripe and luscious and at their peak of flavor. We never use frozen or processed fruit. Using only organic unrefined cane sugar and organic lemon juice, we do everything we can to let the flavor of the fruit shine through. Each small batch is always made by hand in traditional copper jam pans.

We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we have loved making them.

Eat well. Savor each bite. Please recycle.


Casee & John Francis



Many of you have asked about other ways to enjoy Amour Spreads® that are not just about toast or English muffins. Ask and you shall receive! We are compiling a selection of recipes for your enjoyment. If you have any delights you'd like to share with all of us, please send them along. The more the merrier! YUM!

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